New Bank of X Get Rich Rich Quick Pyramid Networking Scheme – Day 1 – Research & Design


A typical pyramid builder’s notebook.

After some deliberation, I decided to adopt the widely reported and studied proportions of the Great Pyramid of Khufu / Cheops at Giza in Egypt.

Why? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Seriously, there is a great deal of documentation of that pyramid, and its dimensions embody an approximate relationship with the Golden Ratio, which is nice.

Actually, it’s not all that accurate.

Phi, the Golden Ratio, is 1.618 (to three decimal places), but the ratio of the one side of the Great Pyramid to its height is 1.573. It’s pretty close, I suppose, but I thought I’d make mine a little closer. To be fair on the unnamed architects of ancient Egypt, it it is much harder to align 5.9 million tonnes of rock within a square base, accurate to within a few minutes of error, so I think it’s not really fair to criticise.

Fundamentally, the size of my pyramid is dictated by the size of the space available within Access Space’s foyer, and I finalised my base dimensions on 150cm square which will fit within the space, whilst letting the door open and without being a safety hazard. Not things the Pharaohs had to worry about.

I studied technical drawing at school, and this required the construction of angles using nothing more than a pair of compasses and a straight-edged rule. Drawing an accurate square with right angles was a trivial affair. Unfortunately, there was not enough space around the base of the pyramid to perform the geometric shenanigans required to construct an accurate square. Consequently, without a template, I had to use a bit of trial and error in order to establish the square base.

Again, the deserts of ancient Egypt were not so limiting in working space.

Also, this project has no funding attached to it, other than all the in-kind help I am getting. This is another problem the Pharaohs didn’t have to worry about. They owned everything and, as they were divinely endowed, funding was not really a problem.


My total spend on the project, so far.

Anyway, seeing as my pyramid is neither destined to protect the body of a king on his journey into the afterlife, nor being used as an orgone accumulator, I think I’ll be able to get away with approximately correct proportions.

Anyway, a base length of 150cm means a vertical height of 92.7cm. I would have preferred it to be higher, but this will make the top-section / donation box easily accessible for people of most heights.

The next question is: how big should I make the perspex donation box? I did think 1/14th of the vertical height would be symbolically coherent, but that would make it only 6.62cm high with a base length of 10.7cm, and that would make it a rather apologetic as opposed to threatening gesture. So I decided on 1/3rd of the vertical height, resulting in a base length of 50cm.

Stay tuned for more detail and some examples of junk as it materialises.


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