BETRICH Get Rich™! SPOT THE BOL™ competition from The New Bank of X™! #newbankofx #spotthebol #BetRichGetRich

Spot the bol graphics v1.002

The internationally-renowned artist Richard Bolam has been photo-retouched out of this historic photograph. The New Bank of X™, in collaboration with BETRICH Get Rich™ personal wealth advisersis offering a cash prize for the first person to correctly identify the location of the Bol in the original image. The competition requires a small fee to enter and the prize may or may not be equal to that amount.

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The New Bank of X™ accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or personal injury in relation to this competition. Complaints and requests for information are via The New Bank of X™‘s premium rate telephone number and the rates from landlines are surprisingly expensive. Calls from mobiles numbers may be considerably more. All calls are recorded and monitored for training purposes and potential litigation. Terms & conditions apply.

©2015 The New Bank of X™


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