Muerte Del Dia 05/31 – 5th October 2015 – @Conservatives #NaztiParty #MuerteDelDia #Halloween #DiaDeLosMuertos

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I realise that my project may be a little over-thought, but I had the idea to make a Halloween advent calendar to satirize the over-commercialisation of seasonal holidays, and I decided to broaden the target demographic by basing each one on the colour schemes and symbolic references to a range of rapacious corporations and imperialistic nations. Yesterday’s (5th October) was going to be Sky Television, but I decided to postpone that particular skewering in favour of a conflation of the British Conservative Party and the German Nazi Party. Neither are/were corporations nor nations, but I have decided to make an exception seeing as they both represent the forcefulness, ignorance and greed of fascism so well.

I have shied away from calling the Conservatives Nazis before, but their policies are directly causing the deaths of vulnerable people, the people that society should be protecting, and as far as I am concerned this is contributory murder. Maybe not the industrialized murder of the extermination camps, but it is only a short step from judging human beings by their individual monetary worth and deselecting them from survival.

Maybe we misheard Theresa May in 2002 when she admitted that people refer to the UK Conservatives as the “Nasty Party”. I think she actually said “Nazi Party”.

However, I like to put my own slant on this and I have christened them the Nazti Party.

Halloween - AE v1

So here is my Muerte Del Dia for 5th October, based upon the Tory blue and white with the addition of the Nazi red and black, and it is a memorial to those who have had their lives shortened by the most fascist government we have ever seen in the United Kingdom.